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5 Dos and 3 Dont's when dating Australian rich women

Looking for someone to be your partner is indeed a boundless adventure. Every person who is looking for a lifetime relationship knows the concept of compatibility. One needs someone who shares the same beliefs, values, character and interests. Finding the perfect match is undeniably like a maze with no shortcuts.

Nowadays, televisions, magazine columns, blogs and other social media show that thousands of single lady are looking for love. Online matchmaking and the usual “meet and greet” seem to have resolved their temporary dilemma. Increasingly, high-paid and powerful women opt to join in a millionaire matchmaking game. On an interview with Patti Stanger, host of the famous “Millionaire Matchmaker” she stated that after doing background checks and thorough selection, 25 % of their potential clients are mostly women.

For men who are looking for lover, here are few tips that could make your dating experience worth the price.

5 Do’s:

·Primarily, be yourself. Let the woman sitting beside you know that the man she is with is not a replica of someone else. Accurately present yourself of who you really are and what you really have. When introducing yourself, make the first impression of being honest and sincere.

·Enjoy your time together. Make her feel like it wasn’t your first meet up. Share jokes and smile more often to eliminate any feelings of discomfort and uneasiness.

·Look for a rich environment where both of you would be comfortable. Go in a coffee shop or try a more exciting yet fun adventure. How about spending an overnight in a remote island? You could do better when the date is spent somewhere more private.

·Be a good sport. Mostly, rich women have high standards when looking for a perfect mate. They are realistic and clear to what type of guy they really want. Just in case she rejected you, do not show that you are upset instead, be more eager to convince her that you are the right guy. Don’t miss the chance of having her as a lifetime partner.

·Dress formally but do not show off. Look good with what is comfortable to wear but eye-catching.

3 Don’ts:

·Never compliment her for her wealth. Do not be overwhelmed that you are dating a rich woman. When she sees you as someone who values money more than relationship, it could break the ice and turn you down. Typically, these women have gone through same experience before so be sure that you are not one of those money-lover ex-daters.

·Do not disdain yourself. Have high regard of what you are as a person. If you want the encounter be a success, then master the art of self-value.

·Avoid asking too much questions. Get hold of your words for the meantime by allowing her do more the talking than you.

Women usually want to be appreciated not just by the face, but also for what they can do. Initially, rich women looking for men ideals someone who takes them seriously, respects her for what she is and values her worth as an exceptional woman. Remember that you hold the key to a successful date and to win her heart, use these simple guide as your winning tool.

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